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Oxy Fuel Burning 3 Inch A36


2 Inch Plasma Cutting


3/4 Inch Plasma Cutting

J & J Burning and Fabricating has 20,000 square feet of plasma and oxy-fuel steel cutting capacity. We have a wide-ranging inventory of steel plate and a strong network of suppliers, which ensures that we will have whatever material our customers require and can begin work as soon as orders are received. Additionally, we are able to provide full mill test reports for every part we burn due to the tight system of traceability we employ. Our newest plasma cutting machine is the high-definition plasma Mastergraph Extreme Model 3100 heavy duty gantry machine manufactured by Koike Aronson. It features Hypertherm True Hole Technology, Hypertherm HPR400XD Automatic Gas Plasma System, ProNest Software, Trueshape Nesting Software and a 120" x 480" water table. With this machine, we have the ability to cut 1/8" - 3" plate using the plasma torch and 1/4" - 8" plate utilizing oxy-fuel. Parts that are plasma cut on this machine have clean edges with a tolerance of .030" and less than a one degree draft.

Our HPR200 Plasma/Oxy Fuel cutting machine is equipped with a Burny Phantom controller, Autonest capabilities, Hypertherm HT2000 high definition plasma torch and a 120" x 720" water table. We can plasma cut 1/8" - 1 1/2" thick plate on this machine and Oxy-fuel burn 1/4" - 8" material.

We also have a state of the art MG SDS4 machine that can cut 1/4" -16" mild steel. This machine has a Burny Phantom controller, with completely updated motor, gear box assembly, brushless arm, cables, hoses and bearings. The table under this machine is 120" x 240".

Utilizing this superior technology, J & J is able to greatly reduce cutting time while producing high quality parts that are ready for assembly with no clean up required. Precise cutting of various grades and sizes of steel is a skilled trade that requires many years to perfect. The plasma cutters at J & J each have over 30 years experience. They are extremely knowledgeable about the equipment they operate and dedicated to producing high quality parts for our customers every day.

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