Steel Fabrications for Aerospace and Military

J & J is manufacturing four large steel fabrications for a Rotary Friction Welding Machine that will be used in building critical engine components for the United States military.

Rotary friction welding is a process in which one part is turned at a high rate of speed and is forced against another part that is held stationary. The resulting friction heats the parts to a temperature at which they forge together. This advanced welding technique produces a stronger bond than conventional welding. It also creates a significant cost savings because two different metals can be welded together, allowing for the more expensive metals to only be used in critical areas rather than throughout the entire component. Additionally, rotary friction welding is quick, inexpensive, does not require any consumables, and due to its solid-state nature, allows the parts being joined to retain properties close to those of the parent materials.

The fabrications that J & J is building include a base and base extension, along with right and left hand platens. Three of the four parts weigh over 100,000 pounds, with the largest one at 140,000 pounds. In total, these four components will require over 2,000 labor hours to complete. The capacity to handle parts of this mammoth size sets us apart from other steel fabricators. Our competitive edge lies in our advanced equipment and experienced work force. Only a very few metal fabricators in the United States are able to complete a project of this size and complexity.

All of the parts are in-process at this time, with expected completion dates in April and May.

In the first two photos, you see the 112,000# base that measures 54” x 110” and 241”.

Photos 3 and 4 are the side and top views of the right hand platen that is 54” x 136” x 137”.

The last photo shows the larger of the two platens in its early stages. It will be 64” x 134” x 136”.

steel fabrication for US Military

112,000 pound steel base

Welding a heavy steel base

Welding of a heavy steel base

Steel Plate Platen

Top View of Platen

Steel Plate Fabrication

Side View of Platen

Platen steel fabrication for the military

In-Process Steel Weldment

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