Stainless Steel Machines

We are currently fabricating nine sets of bridges and bases that combine to become components of stainless steel Blow-Fill-Seal machines. These machines are used to produce small and large volume sterile liquid-filled containers used by the pharmaceutical, health care, and food industries. . This safe and sterile technology is considered superior by various regulatory agencies, including the United States Food and Drug Administration. A container is formed, filled and sealed in a continuous process, without human intervention, in a sterile enclosed area inside a machine. Examples of the containers that can be produced are: IV bottles, contact lens solution bottles, and squeezable beverage containers.

To fabricate these parts, J & J Burning uses prime, mill-certified 304 stainless steel plate in thicknesses ranging from 3/8” – 1 1/4”. Each set requires over 260 labor hours to manufacture. To ensure dimensional stability when building stainless steel fabrications, our welders employ pulse-puddle arc welding and all parts go through vibratory stress relief. These added processes eliminate warping and distortion and allow the parts to remain within a tight tolerance. For cosmetic enhancement, the parts are blasted with glass beads prior to machining to produce a smooth, bright finish.

These pictures show the bases and bridges in-process at J & J, along with the finished machine and a diagram of how it works.

stainless steel bases

stainless steel bases in-process

stainless steel bases and bridges in-process

stainless steel bases and bridges in-process

Stainless Steel Machine

complete machine and sample containers

how it works

how it works

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